I Love The Prophet Muhammad (ص)

The best Arab that ever lived was Muhammad. I say that because at a time when the Arabs were steeped in internal tribal wars, burial of girl children, enslavement of people, the worship of idols, illiteracy and other ills of society he raised them up and gave people an alternative lifestyle called Islam.

This alternative lifestyle was channeled via the teachings in the Quran. The Quran sets out recommendations and limits for human beings all over the world in every time, therefore the Quran is current with modernity. The Quran was revealed to Muhammad from Allah (God Almighty). Allah is a being or an existence which is neither male nor female. There are so many reasons why people follow the teachings of Muhammad which would be too long to go into here, with my limited time constraints. But suffice to say that apart from the social benefits of being a Muslim there is a long term benefit which non believers run the risk of losing out on and that is  a state which cannot be summed up in a few words. You really need to find out what the concepts of Heaven and Hell really mean and how they help to keep an individual in check. I love Muhammad because when I look at his life and what he had to live through, and what he achieved despite his situation, I cannot help but admire the man. So much so that I decided to leave my previous religious persuasion and become a Muslim, that was the effect on me. If people want to insult and abuse it does not harm Muhammad but it is more harmful for the abuser, especially when that person dies and meets their maker. I have no need to burn flags, shops and cause destruction. I don't play that 'incite the Muslim to violence' game. I am not begging or forcing anyone to love Muhammad. As it says in the Quran "to you be your way and to me be my way". Wal Hamdu lilahi rabil aalameen.