Arabic Pod101 on your phone


Gengo Flashcards Arabic and Gengo Flashcards Arabic Lite

Improve your Arabic with Gengo Flashcards! This amazing application will introduce multiple senses into your learning process. Featuring vivid photos, useful vocabulary lists, and audio taken from a real Arabic speaker, Gengo Flashcards will help you learn Arabic faster than ever before. It works by allowing you to look at a picture of the word, hear it pronounced, and see it written all at the same time. Once multiple senses are involved, your ability to memorize vocabulary will become faster than ever.

Gengo Flashcards comes with 250 practical vocabulary words. But that's not all. You can also add your own cards. iPhone users can use their camera and microphone to create their own flashcards in about thirty seconds. By adding your own cards, you can increase your vocabulary as much as you want! Study Arabic at home, on the train, at school, at the gym, wherever you want with Gengo Flashcards.

Also, try out the Free Gengo Flashcard Lite version, with 20 colorful picture flashcards and audio to get your learning started right away!

Available on the iPhone in the AppStore