Qatari Arabic

The Arabic spoken in the country is also known by other names like Qatari, Gulf Arabic and Khaliji. This language can be classified into Central, South, Semitic, Afro-Asiatic and Arabic. The dialects of this language are South Qatari Arabic and North Qatari Arabic. The Farsi western language is also known by the name of Persian language. It has been furthermore classified into Iranian, Western, Persian, South Western, Indo-European and Indo- Iranian. Apart from Qatar, the Gulf spoken Arabic language is also widely used in countries like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iran, Kuwait and UAE.

The Standard Arabic language is vastly popular in Saudi Arabia. The other names of this language are Al Fus-Ha, Al Arabiya and High Arabic. This language is also one of the most spoken ones at Qatar. This language is also highly used in other countries surrounding Qatar.